Our AGENCY SERVICES are based on hundreds of contacts built over the decades of interpersonal relationships on which every business is based.

We are proud to represent major tour operators, travel specialists, service providers and agencies in one of the most fascinating travel destinations in the world – in Croatia.

On behalf of our clients, we take care of the idea, the negotiations, the final product and the execution.

All of our services meet the requirements and instructions of our clients, the highest requirements and standards.

We offer individual solutions for everyone. One of our most important characteristics is that we work with specialists in every segment of the market (cycling, diving, sailing, hiking, transfer, etc.). So, we know who we can trust and what products we should focus on.We know that there are many opportunities for business development in different segments of the Croatian market, and we look forward to providing commercial and operational support to your business. By acquiring new clients, as well as strengthening sales and marketing, we provide everything necessary to ensure a stronger presence on the Croatian market for you, offering excellent service and increasing sales, to the satisfaction of our clients.


1. Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness means success and reliability. We are goal-oriented, hard-working and persistent people. We have high expectations of our partners – just what you want. We organize ourselves and understand what needs to be done to achieve the expected goals.

2. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to identify with clients, feel what they feel, and make them feel safe and respected. It is more than understanding your concerns from an objective point of view. We want to gain your trust and connect with you. With empathy, we can clearly show our interest in a solution that suits your needs.

3. Responsibility

We take care of your interests and your success. We take care of your mission. We can help and advise you on many aspects of your business. We strive to be the best. We have a strong sense of duty, we feel deeply responsible for the results and, above all, we are reliable.

4. Previous success

We measure our performance against your goals. You will find a group of people who listen to and identify with you, while focusing on the goals you set, a group that will achieve those goals. We will use our business connections to your advantage.

5. Passion

We are passionate about our work. We are also passionate about your company’s mission. We have your interests at heart and we look forward to the achievement of your goals. Wholly.