Croatia, the land of history and culture

Croatia has a rich historical and cultural heritage. There are many historical sites, some of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Napoleon, the Habsburgs, even the Ottoman Turks, they all have left remarkable monuments behind them – wonderful surprises in every part of the country, just waiting to be discovered!

Croatia, the land of nature

Croatia has one of Europe’s most indented coasts with thousands of islands, inhabited and uninhabited, which enjoy the Mediterranean sun. The clearest rivers flow in national and nature parks and there are numerous endemic plant and animal species. The karst reveals its beauty, the Slavonian plain captivates with its beauty and the hills tell us their fairy tales.

Croatia, the land of flavour

Croatia has always been synonymous with good food. Carefully cooked pekas, healthy ingredients, naturally dried prosciutto, famous sheep cheese, combined with Mediterranean spices and delicious wine make for an unforgettable experience.Nobody should miss our taste routes, get to know our country through its gastronomic culture, in search of old flavors, healthy products and simple dishes that correspond to the classic cuisine, or innovative dishes that are inspired by tradition.

Croatia, the land of emotions

Croatia and its inhabitants gladly pass on their cultural heritage and tradition to their guests through song, dance, laughter and joy. Travel that fulfills!

Croatia, the land of active holidays

The sound of seagulls, the warm scent of pines and the beauty of the blue sparkling sea greet you. Pink orchids and Degenia velebitica grow along the side paths, highlighting the green of the meadows where wild horses graze. Absorb the silence of green forests which reflect in the Plitvice Lakes.Explore the karst, hike along the rivers, enter the darkness of the underground karst caves and climb the holy mountains, which reward us with the magnificent view of the Adriatic.

Croatia and the neighbouring countries

The cultural and natural diversity of Croatia’s neighboring countries is astounding. Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the East meets the West, Slovenia with its Alps, Montenegro with its monasteries, Serbia with its hospitality, Hungary with its plains or Albania with its cultural heritage – visit the Balkans, an insider tip.

Croatia, the land of excellence

Not many countries have so many well-known and desirable destinations with an excellent service, beautiful nature and incredible gastronomy. Unforgettable emotions and experiences are guaranteed.